Daily actions

Sreyka Smile Association assists existing orphanages to prepare the children and young for a solid future, but present living conditions also have an impact on their futures. We therefore also support orphanages in their daily needs for food, clothing and school materials.

A true balanced meal per week is already a great enhancement for most of them. This means rice but also a source of protein such as chicken or beef and sources of vitamins such as vegetables and fruit. Our objective is to bring at least one balanced meal (5 vegetables and one meat) to the orphanages with which we work.

At public school, uniforms are obligatory. Often, the children only have one, and it is difficult for them to clean it daily.  Sreyka Smile is aiming for each child to have at least 2 uniforms to attend school.

Every child who attends school also needs study materials: notebook, pens and a school bag.  Erasers and pencils are consumed at high speeds in an orphanage.